Israeli Companies and Generating Media Coverage

Israeli companies tend to be quite direct and to the point, which is quite an advantage in terms of public relations and marketing efforts.

When it comes to promotions, most customers these days don’t want to see any smoke and mirrors from the companies they want to do business with and prefer authenticity and transparency, which is something that Israeli companies truly excel in.

Press Releases

According to a number of studies, over 90% of customers are interested in earned media, which means if a company gets featured in news publications, magazines, blogs, and other types of websites, it’s going to increase the confidence that consumers have in that brand.

This is where media relations and press releases play a very big role because they can be used to generate more awareness for a business, its operations, or its solutions.

When using press releases, companies can create more buzz around a particular milestone, event, or product launch, and in that process, attract more potential customers to their business websites.

Local Outlets

If a company wants to reach as many people as possible when sharing its brand story, it tends to most of its media pitches to the major media outlets that are relevant to the industry.

Although there’s nothing wrong with this type of aspiration, in reality, it’s quite difficult for any business to get media coverage from major outlets.

That’s why it’s a lot better for companies to invest and focus on local outlets until they’ve generated enough media coverage that they can finally break into the major outlets.

At a local media outlet level, companies don’t have as much competition, which means they also don’t need to have an incredible story for it to be considered a newsworthy piece of content.

Additionally, when companies target local outlets, they also have higher chances of getting their story in front of the target audience and ensuring that the audience is going to see the story.

If what the company has to say is going to be interesting enough to attract the attention of outlets and consumers, it’s likely going to end up getting a lot more publicity until it gets picked up by major outlets.

PR Stunts

In the last few years, many publicity stunts received a lot of negative media coverage because most brands decided to use them for no other purpose other than some shock value.

Although publicity stunts can sometimes be annoying or tacky, when they’re done right they can really help the business get noticed by its target audience and the press.

For a publicity stunt to be more effective, it needs to be clever and creative, it should be pushing boundaries, and going against the grain in some way so it can get more attention and media coverage.

However, when companies want to choose a specific message they want to convey with a publicity stunt, that message also needs to reflect to the brand’s own identity to some extent.