Attracting The Attention of Media Outlets

One of the most important aspects of any PR strategy is getting media coverage. There are plenty of strategies that companies can use to generate media coverage for themselves or their products.

It’s important to create attention-grabbing story angles that are newsworthy because this will increase the chances of a company receiving media coverage during a promotional campaign.

Grabbing Attention

One of the keys to getting media coverage is to provide journalists and media outlets with a story that they won’t be able to resist. To do that, companies first need to understand their marketing messages in detail, and to craft them in a way that gets the most out of those messages.

Media outlets are always looking for news stories, and that includes stories that are new, as well as those that are different or creative.

Creating a news story that can grab the attention of the right journalists will increase a company’s chances of getting featured in their outlets. However, it’s also important for businesses to consistently engage with the journalists and media outlets they want to receive coverage from.

That’s the best way to establish a working relationship with them, and it helps companies generate more media coverage because the outlets aren’t going to outright ignore the news stories a business sends them simply because they’re not familiar with that business.


Companies can attract more consumers through promotions instead of through constantly sending them marketing messages and ads. With more brand awareness, companies can also improve all of their other marketing efforts and generate more interest in their products.

That means giving the target audience an opportunity to win some freebies from a business, either in the form of a discount or a free sample product they can try for themselves. This type of strategy isn’t only helpful in attracting more consumers, but it can also be used to attract more journalists.

When journalists create featured articles for specific topics such as gift guides, they prefer having tried the products or services themselves so they know how they work and can portray them to readers accurately. That means when companies are sending out their press releases to journalists or outlets, they should also offer or provide a sample product, to have the journalists try out the product and write a better piece about it or the business itself.


A good strategy that companies can use to make consumers feel positive towards a business is humor. That can mean using humor in promotional messages such as ads, banners, or even email newsletters or social media content.

There’s also no reason why companies shouldn’t also use a dose of humor when communicating with journalists or media outlets. At the end of the day, companies are simply trying to communicate with people on the other end of a screen, and making them feel good can go quite a long way in improving a company’s relationship with journalists.

As Co-CEO at 5W Public Relations, Dara Busch oversees 5W’s Consumer Practice, which includes Travel & Entertainment, Apparel & Accessories, Non-Profits, Home & Housewares, Health & Wellness, Mom & Baby, Beauty & Grooming, and Consumer Packaged Goods.

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