5WPR Founder Announces SEO Tips for Instagram

 5WPR founder Ronn Torossian says a lot of businesses use Instagram as a marketing tool, and they need to boost their following on the app for a greater reach. Instagram SEO should be utilized for better engagement. SEO makes a website more visible, which results in more traffic and more opportunities. When someone searches for products and services online, they will choose one of the top five suggestions that the search engine comes up with. SEO helps brands increase their visibility and the chances of users clicking on their websites. If Instagram posts are optimized, they can increase the visibility of a company’s profile and help it gain more followers. Given below are some Instagram SEO ideas that can help increase any company’s reach.

Optimize profile
A bio in a company’s Instagram profile gives a brief description of it. It is wise for companies to put keywords in their bios. For instance, if the business is a salon, using secondary keywords like, ‘styling’, ‘hair color’ will help their search rankings. Links can also be added to the bio. A high-quality profile image can also help businesses stand out. Hashtags can also be included to increase the chances of ranking high on SERPs.

Captions with keywords
Up to now, a search on Instagram Explore could only be carried out with the help of hashtags, usernames, profile names, or locator tags. Things are different now. A search can be carried out with the help of keywords. Captions can be used which can be made descriptive with the use of keywords. Using relevant keywords can make an account appear more on the Explore page, in which case more people get to see the content. Long-tail keywords should be used by companies too. Long-tail keywords are multi-word keywords that can generate a high volume of traffic. For instance, vegan banana smoothie will throw up search results of a particular type of smoothie.

Simple usernames
Ronn Torossian of 5WPR added that complex usernames are not searchable. It is not possible to use four keywords in a username in an attempt to optimize it for SEO. If the username is too lengthy or complex, people might not find it while searching. They might not remember it either. Using usernames related to a business is clever. Adding words that the target audiences would use to find a business also works well. If a keyword doesn’t seem appropriate for a username, adding keywords to the name field instead might be effective.

Use Alt Text
Alt Text is a feature on Instagram that utilizes object recognition technology to give a description of photos, thus helping people with visual impairment. The description is read when someone uses a screen reader to access Instagram. Using Alt Text will not only elevate the Instagram experience for visually impaired users, as this feature can also be used for Instagram SEO. Using keywords in the feature helps Instagram comprehend what an image is about and impacts its SEO. It is wise to edit Alt Text, as the auto-generated content may not have enough details.

Ronn Torossian founded 5WPR, a leading PR agency.

Source https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/568300345/5wpr-founder-announces-seo-tips-for-instagram